About Us

DAN-MO Fairwind - your One-stop service provider

DAN-MO Fairwind delivers technical spare parts for all types of marine equipment, anywhere in the world.

We supply the parts you need at the time and place, where you need them.

We are dedicated to making the sourcing of spare parts and equipment as easy, effective, and cost efficient as possible for our customers.

We cover all your needs! From ordering your preferred parts from various suppliers to storing and packaging the parts, to consolidate your orders and make the orders ready for shipping to your preferred destination of delivery, anywhere in the world.

We have a proud tradition of emphesize on the highest quality available from Genuine or OEM sources, at highly competitive prices.

This philosophy has been our driving force, since our founding in 2005, as DAN-MO.

In 2013 we acquired and merged with Fairwind marine, and henceforth been known as DAN-MO Fairwind.