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Company merger

Newsletter, October 2013 - Company merger between DAN-MO & Fairwind Marine
On August 5th, DAN-MO turned 8 years, and its been a bumpy ride at times. Struggling with all the same issues as everyone else. Certainly some of the horrible experiences will stay with me, but majority of them are GOOD things, and quite a few OS!M™s along the way.
So It is with great joy, that what was started in 1995 now somehow has made its full circle.
I started working for Berg & Larsen as a Trainee in 1995, and had 4-5 great years under the stringent and "tough" apprenticeship and guidance by Mrs. Grethe Bielefeldt and Mr. Per Ola Thorius “ Yet I always enjoyed great freedom under their management. It can™t always have been easy to keep me in a tight leash, however I was able to push myself in ways that I never really understood the consequences of, besides gaining skills and knowledge within the trade of maritime industry. It gave me the skills to create what is today known as DAN-MO.
The thing with Bielefeldt and Thorius is that they practiced a Greather than yourself management, even before it became a buzzword in the new millennium among leading business guruh's, and I feel I have been one of the beneficiaries of this practice.
As of October 1st, DAN-MO took over the activities in, and established, in a form of merger a continuous cooperation with Mrs. Bielefeldt, Mr. Thorius and their respective agents in South Korea and Argentina.
So the circle is completed by the fact that these important people, that kick-started my career, is now looking down the road, and can probably begin to glimpse the end of their professional careers “ and if I am lucky, I will be alongside in their last chapter - in all the best of ways. That is (true story) what I also told Grethe and Per Ola, was my intentions when we worked together the first time.
From a business wise perspective, this will most definitely strengthen the DAN-MO/Fairwind organization, and help me carry my ideas into the next phase and catapult me and DAN-MO into the future with a greater LEAP.
For now Fairwind Dan-mo (the new name of Fairwind) will continue its activities without direct involvement from DAN-MO in Korea and South America. We will over time find out which form will suit the transition and the actual merger of the activities into just one company name.
The immediate effect will be that we now enjoy the expertise of two very skilled, very long time experienced people and access to new suppliers of high quality equipment and better prices “ all which should benefit both clients and suppliers mutually.
I foresee a busy travelling schedule for myself the following year, but trust that there will be full control on all office related assignments in my absence.
Another anecdote - I was looking at my first 46-pages long business plan “ So devastating-long, that no banker or adviser actually ever read it. They gave up, just when it was handed to them. Anyway “ Skimming through it a few years back “ I saw a remarkable sentence that I actually completely had forgotten “ and that was I wanted to change the ways of technical equipment supply, create the best and biggest company in the world of maritime supply. I was 27 years old, when I wrote that business plan “ my goals are slightly different, but I still want to strive at creating the best place to do business, I still want to change the world “ but I will remember to enjoy the journey, while it unfolds.
So when I initially started talking about opening up my network, presenting the ideas to clients and suppliers “ it was in fact an attempt to change the world “ How many suppliers offers their clients to open up their network? None “ I would say. Tradititionally there has been an aura of paranoia and secrecy in this area. I can understand it “ But, I suppose most reasonably bright people can see the value of helping each other loyally and in the right energy. As long as values are created on all levels, we can (together) create a lot profit, based on gentlemanship and genuine interests. Virtues, that are foundation stones, in our old unique industry.
Today DAN-MO has clients who, is using us to identify reliable and professional sources for inspections, repairs, service jobs etc, when their vessels are trading far away from home. We have in our network highly qualified and skilled and trusted professionals, whom we have had business with since the early days of my career “ and all have a proven track-record. And we can offer this service in pretty much ANY field “ From boiler retrofit to Gen-set overhauls and Fire & Safety inspections “ and so on.
There is not much more to say in this little update, but Thank you, for your continuous support and interest in my little candy-shop “ appreciate (truly) the opportunity to live a dream.
I LOVE working with you. It generates ENERGY, and inspires bold AUDACITY, and delivers the PROOF every day, that as long as we all work for a mutual goal of adding value to each others life, we can™t be that far of, spending our time and effort in the all right ways.
Love and admirations to all of you for the excellent job and the difference you all make every day.
Thanks for reading this in its full intend.
That's it “ I'll shut up (for now)
With love,
Glenn Turn

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